【What is BricolaQ ?】

BricolaQ is the team for criticism, editing and creation, motivated by curiosities about this unkown world and other people.
The word “Bricola” based on “bricolage”, it means gathering materials for making something by independent mind.

BricolaQ was established by Chikara Fujiwara on May 2011, in order to keep our mobility and flexibility on this precarious world after the earthquake disaster in Japan.



【Artist Profile】

DSCF1736   photo by Cheryl Who

Chikara Fujiwara

Born in Kochi (Japan) in 1977, a theater critic and artist based in Yokohama or Kyoto.
The chief of “BricolaQ”, and the leader of the young artist collective called “Port Detectives”. Co-Author of “Engeki Saikyo-ron: New Currents in Japanese Contemporary Theater”(2013).

Senior Fellow of The Saison Foundation (2017-).
East Asian Cultural Exchange Envoy of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan (2018 January, to Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai).

In order to re-connect the world divided by walls, he produced the flaneur style tour-project “ENGEKI QUEST” (2014-).
And he is also interested in ports and human mobility, so he created the performance titled “Woman In A Port” (2017).

He was sometimes invited as a critic/curator/mentor for holding a lecture or presentation, such as Theatre Der Welt (Mannheim, 2014) , Dialogue about Theater after Disasters (Seoul, 2014), Penghao Theater (Beijing, 2015, 2016) , Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre (Shanghai, 2016), Ming Contemporary Art Museum (Shanghai, 2016), KARNABAL X (Manila, 2017), FFT Nippon Performance Night (Düsseldorf, 2015, 2016, 2017).


Chikara Fujiwara_Engeki Quest_Credit Christian Herrmann_010

“ENGEKI QUEST” is our important project for seeking “invisible water veins” in various cities. This project aims to change audiences from “consumers” to “participants”.

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